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55% Calcium Lignosulphonate Powder Concrete Admixture Water Reducer

china 55% Calcium Lignosulphonate Powder Concrete Admixture Water Reducer supplier
  • 55% Calcium Lignosulphonate Powder Concrete Admixture Water Reducer

Product Details :

  • Place of Origin :China
  • Brand Name :Sky River
  • Certification :ISO
  • Model Number :SK-CL
  • Packaging Details:25kg Bag
  • Delivery Time:2-3 weeks after received customer confirmation
  • Payment Terms:L/C,T/T,D/P
  • Supply Ability:3,000,000kg per month

Detailed Product Description
55% Calcium Lignosulphonate Powder Concrete Admixture Water Reducer

Calcium Lignosulphonate is a anionic surfactant. It is a water-reducing agent in concrete construction, and an excellent adhesive in refinery application. 
The product is suitable for using as admixture for concrete construction, petroleum drilling, asphalt emulsification, tanning leather, dispersant of chemical and pesticide, additive of slurry mixture of water and coal , adhesive of feedstuffs processing.  
Synonyms: calcium lignosulphonate, lignosulfonic acid calcium salt, calcium lignosulfate, calcium sulfonate, attisol 10, attisol 20, bindarene, borresphere CA, collex SL, darvan 4, darvan 404, goulac, groelipel, lignone, lignosite 401, lignosol B-D, lignosol FG, norlig MC, orzan 501, pearllex CP, troamil B, wafex Ca, further trade names 
CAS No.: 8061-52-7 
Molecular formula: C20H24CaO10S2 
Molecular weight: 528.61 
Typical Characteristics:
Description                      Yellow to Brown powder
PH value                         5.0-8.0
Dry maters (%)                    93 min
Water-insoluble substance (%)     1.0 max
Reducing matters (%)              15 max
Lignosulphonate assay (%)          55 min
Calcium Lignosulphonate is a kind of natural anionic surface active agent processed with sulfurous acid pulping waste through advanced production technology. It can work well with other chemicals and produce early strength agent, slow setting agent, antifreeze and pumping agent . It is widely used in various concrete projects such preformed concrete, reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete, especially applicable for commercial concrete, anti-freezing concrete, waterproof concrete, bulk concrete, pumping concrete, with high economic benefit.
Main application:
(1) water-reducing agent
a. prefabricated or fresh concrete construction.
b. preparation of anti-freezing, pump-deliverable water reducing agent.
c. preparation of different type of water reducing agent.
(2) Adhesive
a. It is used as mineral powder adhesive to improve recovery rate in refinery process.
b. It is an excellent adhesive for fireproof products. It can improve the products' strength and prevent cracks.
c. It reduces the viscosity of clay and improves the product yields in the ceramic fabrication.
d. If is added with phenol type additives in electrolysis, purer precipitates is formed.
1. Packing & storage & transportation:
Packing: 25kg bag or 600kg Jumbo bag
Load 13 MT in 20’FCL or 26MT in 40'HQ.
2. Storage: It shall be stored in a waterproof, rainproof place to avoid agglomeration. If there is agglomeration, smashing it or dissolving it will not affect using effect. The product is harmless and does not deteriorate in long term. It's not a flammable and explosive substance.
3. Transportation: It's suitable for both truck transportation and railway transportation without any limit of remnant cargo or full truck.
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